Womens Floppy Hats

Women’s floppy hats are some of the most common hats worn in public today; their style and functionality make them an incredibly popular. The floppy brim hat provides some of the highest UPF protection possible making them ideal for any time spent in the sun. Floppy hats can come in a wide variety of styles and materials, including straw floppy hats for the summer sun and wool floppy hats for the winter nights. We stock some of the highest quality Women’s floppy hats from only the highest quality manufacturers

A women’s Fascinator is a type of headpiece designed as a form of light weight knitted head covering. Since the early 1990’s the term was transformed to refer to a type of formal head-wear; worn as an alternative to the traditional hat. Typically a Fascinator features a large decorative design attached to a head band or a clip to attach to another head piece; often times including a base to emulate a regular ladies hat. Fascinators are a great way to accent any formal outfit and really show off your sense of style.