How to care for a straw hat 
Save yourself on the wall not to forget! 
If the straw hat is dirty, then dilute a tablespoon of table salt in a glass of warm water, moisten a microfiber cloth in it and, wringing out, carefully and gently wipe the entire surface, both outside and inside. Cotton or non-woven tampons, as well as Terry wipes is better not to use, as the fibers can cling to the straw and leave the villi. After brushing with salt solution, the hat will Shine, its Golden color will be restored 
When cleaning the hat, it would be better if you remove the ribbons and other decorations from it, so that everything turned out neatly. 
To lighten the straw hat, you can use half of the lemon, from which the zest is removed. It wipe the outer surface of the hat, leave for 2-3 hours, then rinse with cool water. Of course, you can’t wring your hat. Let the water run off with a hat hanging or laid on a towel. If the field of the cap is jammed then you can iron it a few times, not very hot iron. From high temperature straw turns yellow. 
White hats, which eventually acquired yellowness, or hats on which there were greasy traces, can be cleaned with mixtures based on lemon or hydrogen peroxide. 
In the first case, the juice of a small lemon is added to 2 tablespoons of sulfur powder (purified sulfur, it can be found in a pharmacy) and the resulting slurry is rubbed all over the surface of the hat. Apply the slurry evenly to avoid light spots. After that, rinse it out of the shower with a slight pressure of cool water. 
In the second case, the hat is wiped with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Simply soak the cotton cloth in peroxide and walk consistently and evenly over the entire surface from the top to the edges of the fields. Peroxide can not be washed off,but watch for uniformity of application, as if somewhere you get wet stronger, leaving to absorb a larger amount of the drug, the straw may become lighter. 
In addition, you can clean the straw hat with a usual soap solution using an old toothbrush. Dilute the liquid soap in water and, dipping the brush, RUB the straw surface. Wash off the soap you need the same way with a brush. It is convenient to dry a hat by means of not hot iron if to iron fields on a thick towel or the cotton fabric put several times.