Hats from strict classics to the delicate forms Fashionable styles of hats will appreciate lovers of classical style. In the trend, felt and velour models with a molded flat field for a stylish youth image and wide-brimmed hats with openwork perforation and volumetric decoration for feminine natures. The hat is considered to be the most elegant headdress, so it goes well with dresses, strict Trouser suits, coats and even coats. A hat-Fedora will be a great addition to jeans, it is so versatile that depending on the decoration will complement any image, except sports, of course.

What used to be exclusively associated with Men’s Fashion, the Women’s fedora has roared back to the fashion forefront, redesigning hats to be tailored specifically for women. We carry both casual and formal fedoras for women, made from raffia, straw, linen, wool and felt, encompassing all seasons!