Modern army cap is now designed to perform the role, not only one of the parts of the army uniforms, today this accessory has become one of the favorite of many girls. We are sure that the new collection 2018 will win your heart, as the company” RuFurHats ” has learned a lot from the past year and has invested all its efforts to create an exclusive collection.
What is a cap and what to wear it with
Being one of the varieties of caps, cap directly burst into modern fashion, conquering the hearts of the fair sex. This type of headgear was originally intended for men, but recently it began to skillfully combine with the wardrobe and women, finding this special refinement and style.
Kartuz is perfect for military style, where the General “look” accurately conveys the military theme. However, designers do not exclude the use of this accessory in other interpretations. The main thing is to skillfully combine the selected headdress with other elements of the wardrobe, so that it does not stand out, but, on the contrary, harmoniously fit into the overall picture, characterizing you.
As for the selection of shape and size, do not forget about the shape of the face. Ladies with sharp cheekbones are best suited the chiseled line of his cap. The dimensions should be fully consistent with the parameters of the head, so that the headdress does not press on the crown or forehead.
Exclusive collection of original cap from the company of RuFurHats
Knitted cap “Florence” are just perfect for any image. The highlight of the product-a thin leather band, which is stretched directly over the visor. The cap fits snugly to the head with a rubber stabilizer located on the back side. There is a fleece lining, so in cold weather with such a headdress you can stay in your style.
One of the commonly used materials for the production of cap – felt. From it made a new accessory for the head called “Shakira”. The model has a straight high crown and a lacquer visor, emphasizing facial features and making them more expressive. To walk in the cold season in such a cartouche, the designers made a twill lining in it.
The gentle name of this accessory-Theon, precisely emphasizes the refined forms of the headdress, which is perfect for the female. Thanks to the standard black shade, it will be easy to combine with other items of clothing and accessories. To create the cap is made of natural felt.
Another original model “Asia”, made of felt with a straight crown, will be your favorite accessory thanks to a small visor, decorated with patent leather and braided braid. To stabilize the headgear wizard added knitted valve.
Classic or sporty style of your wardrobe for the “Biruta” card-it does not matter. Its uncomplicated shape and finish will fit any image, and thanks to the inner lining of twill, it can be used in the cold autumn days, and in the first days of autumn.
Feminine cap “Agava” just emphasize your facial features and will complement any look. Material – natural felt. The product is decorated with a metal part of the links. Inside there is a twill lining, and to adjust the size of the added knitted valve. With such a headdress it will be easy to conquer men’s hearts, even without using women’s charm.
We know that many of our loyal customers have been waiting for this collection for a long time, so we are glad that now we can present it. Order goods to any city in the world, and we will be happy to arrange delivery as soon as possible.