Womens Visors

Combating the sun is essential to keeping yourself looking and feeling healthy – and at times that can be a difficult task. Some people do not enjoy the look or feel of the large brimmed floppy hats or the straw does not breathe enough for them. That’s totally fine! Here you will find some of the highest quality visors hat retailers have to offer from some great manufacturers like pilnikov. We offer a large variety of both short and long brim visors to fit your look at sun protection needs. All of our visors offer excellent UV and UPF protection making them a great choice for the day out in the sun. Many of our visors are designed to minimize the amount of weight and stress put around the band of your head and is built to circumvent headaches that you typically find with wearing a hat of this style for too long. Some of our best selling hats fall into this category, you really cannot go wrong with any of these choices!

Cloche Hats

The cloche or bell shaped hat was made popular during the early 1900’s. It would be common place for these hats to be seen worn by women everywhere. These vintage hats still hold their appeal today, as many companies are re-thinking its design and reinvigorating the fashion. Typically, cloche hats are made of some variation of felt, but we also carry cloth and straw “cloche” hats. Many of our Cloche hats are decorated with some form of embroidery, bows or other assorted accents. These hats make for the perfect addition to any outfit taking aspects of the past that still have a modern look today.