Muskrat fur: why is it so good? 
Muskrat fur is very warm and light, ideal for cold climates
Another important properties of this fur material are its moisture resistance and water repellency. 
Such a headdress will not be afraid of rain and sleet. 
Also, the fur of the muskrat has a silky structure and Shine, the density of the underside and the ability to retain heat. 
To fur product for a long time to retain marketable appearance, you need to create appropriate storage conditions for it. Fur loves space, so that the pile does not fall out and did not break should be allocated for a separate product shelf in the closet. 
Fur does not like direct sunlight – it can fade. This material absorbs odors well, so it is better not to place the storage Cabinet next to the kitchen or hallway. 
You can clean the fur in a simple way
Wet a piece of clean cloth-its size should match the size of the fur. After that, lay the fur pile down, that is, directly on a damp cloth and intensely knock out the headdress. This procedure can be done several times, but before that you should wait for the fur to dry completely. This cleaning method is ideal for dark fur. But white-can be cleaned, and even at the same time and bleach with starch. It is applied to the material, after which the pile is combed. When the starch is evenly distributed along the length of the pile, the product is also knocked out. 
Grease stains can be removed with a tampon soaked in gasoline. When cleaning a long pile, you need to moisten in the direction of growth, and short – against growth. When the stain is removed, this place is wiped with a cotton swab squeezed from the water.