Women’s Scarf, Hat & Glove Sets
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Elegant,Women Girls Knitted Pom Pom Hat and Scarf Set Warm Autumn Winter
Womens Ladies Wooly Thick Knit Hat a Scarf and gloves Set knitted Woollen
2PCS set Winter Women Ladies Wooly Beanie Knit Hat And Scarf Set knitted Woollen
Women Ladies Winter Warm Pom Pom Knitted Soft Snood Beanie Cap Hat and Scarf Set
Exotic Identity Pom Pom Hat, Infinity Scarf, Fingerless Gloves, and Leg Warmers Cable Knit 4-Piece Gift Set Tundra Cold Weather Wear for Women

Hats And Scarves
Match your favorite coat with a new set of warm hats and scarves for a fun adventure in cold weather. Whether you like a Cashmere Scarf or a knit beanie, you can find the scarf that matches your coat and your personality.
Gray or black beanie hats and scarves come with matching fingerless gloves for an easily-matched set that keeps things simple. This close-fitting hat is an excellent choice for a day outside when you need to keep your head covered and your ears warm. Another warm hat to choose is the trapper hat. Choose a neutral color in this hat or wear the bright red or checkered fabric that mixes with the fur for a bold and very cozy Winter Hat. For a delicate match for a coat, women will love the rosette scarf, hat, and gloves. Mixing a textured knitting pattern with a large rosette, this set is a beautiful choice for a walking coat.
Not a person who likes to wear a hat? Some sets come with earmuffs instead. Earmuffs can come in a single color like tan or black, or they can break up the headband and ear warmer for a two-tone design. Leopard print and checkered earmuffs and hats are two other patterns that make Winter Wear more exciting.
Scarves come in many different knits from a thick to loose. Animal prints, ribbing, and fringe are just a few details some scarves may have, while multicolored scarves are a colorful option for both men and women. A rainbow knit brings in browns, blues, and pinks, and the matching fingerless gloves and beret completes this relaxed set. A plaid Wool Scarf is a classic match for a leather or wool coat. By pulling in multiple colors, this scarf will match a women’s beret or a men’s wool cap. For an extra soft feel, get a cashmere blend or soft fleece hat.
Kids will love their new hats and scarves with a dog face or bear face. These fun designs in Kids Hats allow kids to take a stuffed animal with them outside for an adventure in the snow or a trip to the store. Other scarves have pockets at the end for cold fingers and a hood to keep ears warm.