The vast majority of fox fur used in apparel is farm-raised (often from Scandinavia), and is available in the widest range of natural colors of any fur, apart from mink, including silver, crystal, red, gray and white. Running neck and neck with mink in the popularity race, this luxurious fur makes beautiful hats and ideal trim for collars, cuffs, wraps, and stoles.|Fox, which comes in many natural colors, is found all over the world. Because of its long hair and distinctive coloring, its popularity is due to its high fashion look, especially in the US. Fox is easy to ranch and now almost all fox is ranch raised. Fox wears well, regular brushing helps keep the fur fluffy and full. The price depends on the popularity, but red (the most common) fox is the least expensive, with silver fox the most expensive. Clarity of color is important in fox, as is the fullness and density of the underfur and soft sleekness of the guard hairs. Fox is also dyed high-fashion colors.

Blue fox: Blue fox is ranched extensively in Scandinavia. The color is primarily white with black highlights. They can also produce almost white fur, known as white or “shadow fox”. Often dyed in many shades, the soft and thick hair is typically used for collars and hats but also for jackets and full-length coats.

Red fox: Red fox is the most common and well-known of the wild foxes, found in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The North American pelt has long, soft red hair whereas the European fur is flatter and less silky. The best red fox comes from northern Canada and is deeply furred with silky, strong texture. It is commonly used for trimming and for full fur garments.

Silver Fox: Silver fox is entirely ranched. Silver fox has long, glossy, lightweight fur with natural colors in black and white, giving a feel of silver. Darker skins have more black and paler skins more white. Silver fox is traditionally used for collars and hats, wraps and stoles. It is currently the most expensive fox fur due to high demand in the fashion world and limited supply.
White Arctic fox: This fox has extremely thick underfur. The fur is the softest of all the foxes, extremely light and fluffy. It is the ultimate in glamor.

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