Mens Baseball Caps

A baseball cap is about as traditionally American as hats get, but it can be tricky to style with so many variations available. Trucker caps with their mesh backs have always been great for working outdoors because of airflow, but these former feed store hats are also coming back in a big way as a retro or “throwback” style. Snapback hats with bold logos and prints look great with both jeans and workout-inspired looks and thus are a staple of the modern athleisure style trend for men. For those who value simplicity over showiness – or simply want to age up their look – low crowns and faded neutral colors will match more of your closet and make a great weekend beater for relaxing or running errands. Caps made of materials like leather or wool look classy and make excellent transitional pieces when the weather gets cold. Whether you wear it for form or function, quality is an important part of choosing the right cap.

Invented in the 1900s as a purely functional hat worn by Irish farmers, the bucket hat was probably never meant to be a fashion item. The wide, downward-sloping brim kept the rain off and its softness meant it could be rolled to fit into a pocket and easily washed. Lightweight and durable, this hat moved from the heads of soldiers in WWII and Vietnam straight into civilian use for sports like fishing and hiking. Perhaps best remembered on the head of Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island, this utilitarian headwear remained pretty firmly out of the fashion limelight until now. This hat has become extremely popular in recent years both among hikers and hipsters as a 90s nostalgia item. Whether it’s in military style drab or bright colors and prints straight from the runway, bucket hats are your go-to choice for comfy, packable summer wear.