Russian traditional cap Kartuz, Flowered Kartuz, Flower cap, Russian men headwear, Russian hat for men
Russian traditional headdress “Kartuz” – part of the national men’s costume. A hat with a visor will be the final touch to Your image of the Russian people’s heart of oak! Free shipping when ordering with other goods!

Mens Summer Hats

As the days get longer and the sun really starts to shine, what do you think of? Festivals, sunglasses, swimming, and the beach all spring to mind; but if you’re not thinking of summer hats you’re doing your style and your skin a disservice. While it’s true that sun protection is a leading concern among hat buyers, your protection doesn’t have to come at the cost of your style. Looking good should be effortless for everyone with our wide variety of summer hats for men. Straw lifeguard hats are a pretty classic beach staple for surfers and beachgoers alike. Bucket hats, billed caps, and outback style hats make high quality choices for fishermen and hikers and are less formal and more protective. Light linen and cotton flat caps and classic straw panama hats are popular choices for golfers and gentlemen looking for something a bit dressier.