Summer straw hats, textile Panama hats, caps, caps and baseball caps – that just did not come up with the designers of the company “rufurhats” for the summer collection of 2017. Among the novelties of the model for any occasion-everyday walks, going out, parties, beach holiday, hike in the mountains or a trip to the country. The main emphasis is on the original design and high quality products.

The highlight of the updated collection-all your favorite wide-brimmed hats made of rice, bamboo straws and blue. To create a chic bright image is perfect hat “Beatrice” double fields of contrasting colors combined with decoration in the form of a three-dimensional bow in front will make any look elegant and unique.

Equally well as a beach and evening dresses complement hat “Anfisa” – its soft wavy fields are easily fixed in different positions, and bright floral decoration on the side makes the headdress elegant and luxurious.

Hat “Veronica” for those who love the original design. Its wide, asymmetrical pitch with one hand upturned. This model, by the way, will easily hide any shortcomings of the face shape.

The classic version is the Judy hat. The flat domed fields of the straw hat will reliably cover the face and shoulders from the sun, and textile decoration will complement the image.

Mens Fedoras

From the late 1890s to the 1950s, the fedora was THE hat to have for men. With an indented crown and characteristic “pinch” near the front on both sides, this hat style is pretty instantly recognizable. Many confuse it with a trilby – which typically has a sharp, slightly short crown and short brim tucked up just at the back – but the two styles are not one and the same. Whether wide or short brim; made of wool felt, straw, or leather this classic hat truly stands the test of time. Pair a stingy brim with a suave suit like Frank Sinatra or dress down in a wide western brim with jeans like Johnny Depp. For the Indiana Jones type, we offer a huge selection of packable and water-resistant styles. In general, the only rule when styling is a man’s brim should be roughly proportionate to his shoulders

Panama hats, or toquilla straw hats, are high-quality brimmed straw hats that actually originated in Ecuador as early as the 1600s. Despite their misnomer, the hats became wildly popular during the mid 1800s and made their international debut at the 1855 World’s Fair in Paris. President Teddy Roosevelt was even photographed in this iconic hat during his trip to the building site of the Panama Canal, perhaps further cementing the name “Panama Hat” in our hearts and minds. Mr. Roosevelt was onto something, as these light colored, lightweight, and breathable hats are also great sun protection. Today Panama hats come in many shapes such as fedoras, ascot caps, and gambler styles. On the golf course or with a summer-weight suit, they are a functional and enduring look. With tried and true brands like Scala, Bigalli, Austral, and Tommy Bahama, you’re sure to find the quality and price to fit your unique style.