Man oh man, from the timeless Shearling Sheepskin Captain hat to the super-stylish New York mink fur gangster hat, nothing says masculine sense of identity more than a handsome genuine Fur Hat. As stylish as they are serviceable, these dapper chapeaux are available in a slew of different styles, including classic trapper hats, Cossack-style hats and the jockey-style fur hats that are favoured by many Canadian police forces. Or ditch convention all together and set yourself up with a mink fur fedora cap with ear flaps, or the guaranteed conversation starter that is a shearling sheepskin Elmer Fudd hat. All are made with high-end materials and constructed according to the most exacting standards of detailed craftsmanship.

The classic winter hat category features traditional high quality warm winter hats for men. Made with superior materials and detailed craftsmanship. Choose from classic Ear Flap Hat styles. Including several Trapper Hats, retro Elmer Fudd Hats, traditional Cossack Style Hats and classic Jockey Style Fur Hats , including the muskrat jockey hats worn by RCMP Canadian Police officers. These stylish and functional hats can be worn with the ear flaps down for extra warmth and style or with flaps up for a more conservative look.

Our vintage trapper fur hats are made from 100% genuine fur pelts. These great hats can be either worn with the flaps up, or the flaps down. Although very similar to aviators and russian styles, these fur trapper hats have their own very unique look.The exterior can be made of either leather, sheepskin or felt and the flaps made from beautiful mink, fox, coyote or raccoon fur!

Mink fur is one of the most elegant, sought after furs in the world. The assumption is that mink fur is a womans fur, however these great mens mink fur hats prove that mink fur is for men too! Colored mink fur in many different styles to choose from. Enjoy winter and walk around in style with one of our fantastic mink fur hats. The American Mink’s fur has been highly prized for its use in clothing because of its look of luxury. Short, shiny fur that is perfect for making stylish head wear. Mink goes with anything, enjoy a mink fur hat in a variety of different colors and never think of winter the same!