What should be the winter men's hat? The main thing-practicality and comfort, says most men. A strong half of humanity chooses hats made of natural materials – fur and leather. The cap should be warm, windproof, unpretentious in care and suitable for any clothes. The best option is fur hat. This stylish accessory is suitable for both young guys and solid men, perfectly complementing the sports down jacket, classic coat or sheepskin coat.
When choosing a headdress for a man it is worth remembering that:
preferred simple styles;
decorations and decorative elements should not be much;
the color scheme is suitable universal and restrained (black, brown, gray shades).
For harsh cold regions would be ideal selemeneva the Fox fur hat, like the hat "Zimushka". Made of the back of a silver Fox, elegant volume earflaps will be a real decoration of any image. Lightweight and warm hat is doubled lined in quilted twill. Reliable protection from the cold in such a cap will definitely be provided.
Hat-earflaps "Mazay" at first sight wins the nobility and elegance. Chic two-tone fur "bluefrost" dark at the base and light at the ends, very soft and pleasant to the touch. The volume cap looks effectively and reliably warms in cold weather.
A worthy alternative to the all-fur hat is a model with a leather tulle and fur lapels. Cap "yevsei" beautiful, practical and warm. The round-shaped crown, made of natural soft leather, is duplicated with frost-resistant foam and insulated with a lining of quilted twill. With Fox fur "bluefrost" augmented lugs on the inner side and the heel.
Hat-earflaps "Egor" is made of leather and natural Fox fur. Due to the versatility of the cut, this model can be worn with any outerwear. Fur ears in cold weather fastened at the chin to close the wind neck, or fixed at the back. The luxurious hat is warm and comfortable thanks to a deep fit in the shape of the head.
Original body cap with ear-flaps "Harvey" brutal for respectable men. The model with a high smooth crown made of genuine leather, fur lapels of raccoon attached to the crown, like a traditional earflaps. In cold weather fur ears fall down. Thick natural raccoon fur looks gorgeous, it is resistant to wind and precipitation, many seasons does not lose an attractive appearance.
Stylish youth image harmoniously complement the men's cap with glasses Winter version of this model is sewn with a fur lining of Mouton. Fashionable fur hat with leather crown is completed by a small canopy with the top points. Leather jacket or down jacket with such a headdress will make the image original and trendy.
Hat-earflap "Harry" is made of natural suede calf and Mouton. A parsimonious model with high-quality sheared sheepskin fur on the cuffs. Elegant earflaps with insulated lining of quilted twill securely warm in cold weather, complementing clothes made of fur and leather.
Neatly looks and fur earflaps "gray", made of short-cropped Australian Mouton and genuine leather. In such a hat there is nothing superfluous – strict design, practical leather tulle, soft fur, lining of quilted twill. Ushanka warm, compact, sits comfortably in the shape of the head.
Do not go out of fashion men's earflaps with a visor. Hat "Charles" of raccoon fur and genuine leather will be the perfect complement to the sporty image. Visor protects the face from snow and sun. Stylish, fashionable, practical earflaps with a visor will become a favorite winter accessory.
Hat with ear-flaps "Henry" made of genuine leather and oversized fur Fox. A long visor at the same time protects the face from rain and from long fur. Ushanka with a visor is a good combination of a hat and a baseball cap in one headdress. Stylish model will complement a down jacket or a fashionable cardigan.
For those who do not like traditional earflaps designers of the company "RuFurHats" developed a cap "Alex" . Classic men's winter headdress made of natural suede with fur will make the image strict and solid. Fur lapel of Mouton is attached to the base with special buttons, and if necessary falls down, closing the neck and ears from the wind and frost.

About our Men’s Fur Hats
With so many styles, designs, and fur types to choose from you can have a Russian Fur hats for any occasion. From our selection of Coonskin Cap Mountain man Davy Crockett Hat, perfect for a classic statement, or our Ushanka Trapper Aviator Hat, ideal for outdoor activities. Or try one of our Russian Ushanka style hats for the ultimate combination of masculine style and cold weather protection. 

A RuFurHats Brand Men’s Winter Hat is a purchase of value and quality that will last many years. In many instances, people choose to have more than one fur hat in their wardrobe; a different style for a different occasion. 

It is no secret that Russia is the largest cold country, as no one else knows the value of warm hats. Ancient traditions famous hats ushanka: Arctic Fox, Fox Fur, Astrakhan Fur, Mink Fur which are great for everyday wear. We also have  Muskrat Fur, Nutria Fur, Rabbit Fur. And dont forget the Raccoon Fur, Seal Fur and of course Sheepskin Mouton 

Fur hats are a fun winter accessory that will spice up your outfit, and keep you cozy at the same time. Top quality men’s winter hats are made from real fur and sheepskin. Our winter hats are ideal for cool weather and designed to keep you looking stylish while staying comfortably warm. Shop for classic styles, trendy or casual in your choice of genuine fur and sheepskin. 

Fur hats are excellent for wearing to the football stadium to watch your favorite football team or ice fishing on your favorite lake. They are a must for the winter outdoor enthusiast. You won’t be stopped by frigid weather while taking in the fun of downhill skiing, cross country skiing, or ice skating. Whatever the event, you can be sure you’ll be in style and toasty warm wearing a genuine fur hat.

We will deliver you directly from Russia, a real genuine hat, 100% quality. We have free shipping worldwide and most likely this is the best offer for you.