The main rule when choosing a child's headdress-it should be not only beautiful, but also high-quality and warm.
Fur hats for girls
Girls particularly fastidious in the choice of headgear. Depending on the age, preferences change. Very young fashionistas with great pleasure wear the so-called caps-toys with cute faces of animals or fairy-tale characters. Girls of primary school age often choose earflaps, in our store such hats are the most original models and a variety of colors – solid, with leather Tullius and knitted base. Teenagers prefer hats that have the greatest similarity with adults, such as, for example, sheaves – products on a knitted basis with sewn strips of fur. Outside the age and competition baby hats with POM-poms, they are suitable for everyone.
Fur hats for boys
For boys, the main thing that the cap securely held on his head, without interfering with active outdoor games. That is why the most popular for the guys were and are hats-earflaps. They reliably protect the fidget from the cold, covering the ears, forehead and neck, conveniently fixed on the head. In addition, earflaps are suitable for almost any winter image.
Children's winter hats are made of natural fur and leather, as well as artificial materials that are allowed for use in children's clothing. In the role of lining used soft fleece, quilted twill or Jersey, most products are equipped with a size regulator, which is important for parents who usually take things for children with a stock.
The most popular furs used in the production of children's hats:
Arctic fox
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